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Safe Space

We encourage the discussion of failures for the promotion of growth. We firmly believe success is found in the lessons from failing.

Insider Knowledge

Find out insider knowledge of our failures in the past and as they happen. We are two of the top leaders in failing, trust us.


Change your mindset from failure as an inevitable pain. We promote you embrace failure and help us remove the stigma of failing!

success is in the lessons from failure

What We Are About

Of course we would like to continue to sweep failures under the rug too, but we understand that success is in the lessons from failure. Now, we are not alone having consistently failing businesses and side projects. Let’s change the status quo, embrace our failures, and discover what only failing could have taught us.

The real success is hidden in the failures. Entrepreneurs are first and foremost failures. Here at Talking Entrepreneurship we highlight our own short-comings, and what we’ve done to be better in the future.

Join us as we lean into failure. We are going to remove the stigma associated with failing, shine a light on it, then show it for the great teaching opportunity it is. A wealth of knowledge is being shunned.

Alessandra and Alex

Alessandra & Alex

Failing Entrepreneurs