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Best eBay Profit Calculators To Use

Determining the value of a product can be difficult. You find an item which looks like a steal but are you really going to make a profit?

There are several resources at your disposal to check for the profitability of a potential sale. In this post,

I will go over the best websites I’ve found and give you my personal calculation tool which you can have for FREE to determine the value and profit of an item.

Fee Balancing Sheet

eBay Fees Impact Profits

We have all been there as eBay sellers. I have found an XL vintage 1994 Metallica Unforgiven Pushead t-shirt in very good condition at a garage sale. It looks like it has never been worn and I know I can make some good profit.

I am able to haggle the owner down from $10 to $2.50, and the adrenaline rush of knowing I have sold worse shirts for $25-35+ really gets me motivated for the next great find. But is it as amazing as I imagine it would be?

I love finding great deals for products, but when I realize what I thought was a good deal really was not, it can be very discouraging. Between listing fees, final value fees, PayPal fees, and shipping fees, it’s easy to underestimate how much money is going into someone else’s pocket before your own.

If you haven’t already bookmarked an eBay fee calculator, I have some really great ones for you to utilize.

eBay Fees Explained

This is one of the first calculators I found and my favorite to use. I still use it in a pinch when I have to determine eBay fees and want a record of my find.

The problem with a lot of the calculators found on the internet is the inability to save the information efficiently. We have to create your own spreadsheet to keep track of the data. Which we absolutely need to be keeping track of our sales and potential sales. It might be a few days or weeks before we get around to listing the newly bought goods.

The fun is in the haggling and purchasing far more than the actual act of listing. Hence the large piles in the office and garage which keep piling up.

Check it out here



Chest Of Coins

Great to use for a quick calculation of your big score. This is not going to allow you to keep track of the data easily so we will need to utilize a spreadsheet and manually copy over the information.

For any sellers in Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia, there are additional calculators for you to use. The ads can be a bit intrusive but it’s free so what can I really complain about.

Check it out here



Good for really quick calculations to check for profit. They can be behind the ball on updating their calculator which is why I have to put this one lower in the list. I have had weeks where it doesn’t work and have to use other eBay fee calculators.

Check it out here



Talking Entrepreneurship eBay Calculator

My Powerful eBay Calculator Spreadsheet

There are multiple other fee calculators for eBay on the internet. These are the three I used most often. But I really got tired of not being able to keep track of my sales and potential sales while out on the hunt for new inventory. They were also lacking a good eBay shipping calculator.

That is why I decided to create my own which I have used for ages now. After determining the value using eBay’s sold and completed listings, I am able to plug in what profit I am looking to make on the sale. It will give me the max buying price so I know where my haggling stops.

Always get it at the best price possible, but we all need to know when to tap out of a haggle. If they can’t meet me where I can make a profit, then I am not going to buy it. 

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