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Beyond The Sale

how to keep growing your ebay business

Some Tender Love & Account Care

After you have set up your business. Knowing where to go for the next steps can be equally as troubling as knowing how to start. You have started and jumped that hurdle. Now it’s time to take it to the next level.

There are a lot of difficulties you will face as an eBay seller. With the knowledge provided you will be empowered to continue to grow your business.

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account health & growth

keeping a healthy account is the only way to stay in the game

  • How to achieve Top Rated Seller & Top Rate Seller+
  • How to easily get buyer feedback
  • handling customer service
Seller Hub Growth Tab
Seller Hub Marketing

promoted listings

ebay uses their own term for Pay Per Click (PPC) which makes sense because you do not pay per click

  • when and how to promote listings
  • what is an 'ad rate'?
  • how to minimize cost and maximize value
  • how to beat your competition easily using promoted listings


Nothing is more frustrating than a lack of organization. To really understand how selling works you need to learn how to [something] before you learn [something]. It just makes sense. You can learn alot faster when information is organized.


There can be a lot of holes when you get a course. Not here! You will learn everything required to become an expert. Build upon the fundamentals and expand on unique tricks to have in-depth knowledge as to how it works.

up to date

I am constantly making sure the information is up to date. eBay is an ever evolving marketplace and we have to evolve too. I listen to members for what would help them grow their business and add content.

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