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Setting Up eBay

learn everything there is to know about Setting Up Your Account

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Setting up your eBay account and PayPal is daunting at first glance. I will walk you through each step of the way to ensure you set up your business properly. 

Sole Proprietorship or Limited Liability company (LLC)? There are major advantages to having a LLC.

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Setting up your business

Selling as a sole proprietor is a great way to start. Having an LLC is much safer.

  • Discover when you should set up as a business
  • how to set up a personal account
  • setting up a business account
  • what you need to do if not in the USA
eBay and PayPal

understanding the different stores

there are several different stores to choose from. knowing which one to start with and when to upgrade can be challenging.

  • do not overpay for a store you do not need
  • learn how the different stores benefit you
  • learn how to pay and get paid

eBay fees

a difficult topic made easy to understand. knowing where your money goes is important for every business.

  • insertion fees
  • final Value Fees
  • payPal fees
  • listing upgrades
eBay Fees Explained


Nothing is more frustrating than a lack of organization. To really understand how selling works you need to learn how to [something] before you learn [something]. It just makes sense. You can learn alot faster when information is organized.


There can be a lot of holes when you get a course. Not here! You will learn everything required to become an expert. Build upon the fundamentals and expand on unique tricks to have in-depth knowledge as to how it works.

up to date

I am constantly making sure the information is up to date. eBay is an ever evolving marketplace and we have to evolve too. I listen to members for what would help them grow their business and add content.

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