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shipping & handling

determine the right shipping provider is challenging

options are a good thing

As a seller it is imperative to know how you are going to ship before you list a product. This can be the difference between making good margin and losing money.

Free shipping doesn’t mean you pay for the shipping. It is a business model and you should be utilizing because customers love it.

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determine your shipping model

each model has their own pros and cons

  • free shipping
  • calculated shipping
  • flat rate shipping

choosing a shipping provider

with so many options to choose from, many sellers end up overpaying

  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • how to get free shipping supplies


Nothing is more frustrating than a lack of organization. To really understand how selling works you need to learn how to [something] before you learn [something]. It just makes sense. You can learn alot faster when information is organized.


There can be a lot of holes when you get a course. Not here! You will learn everything required to become an expert. Build upon the fundamentals and expand on unique tricks to have in-depth knowledge as to how it works.

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I am constantly making sure the information is up to date. eBay is an ever evolving marketplace and we have to evolve too. I listen to members for what would help them grow their business and add content.

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