Insane Converting Sales Funnel Script Every Seller Must Know

Telling a story is not natural for everyone. I do not naturally tell stories very well. In fact, I often jump around from one point to another making it hard to follow the timeline. 


So every good copywriter has templates they use. I am going to share with you the Epiphany Bridge Script template.

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Epiphany Bridge Explained

It is easy to forget what it felt like before someone got ahold of the information that changed their lives. Some of this is due to the fact it is not often one huge factor that made a change. 

But rather a bunch of little factors that added up into a huge change. As a marketer, business owner or beginner seller it is your job to walk someone through your epiphany story so they can see and feel what you felt.  It is that journey that led you to the product or service you are selling. 

An epiphany bridge helps your prospect go down that journey too so they can feel that “Aha” moment just like you did.

The key to success in sales isn’t about becoming an amazing sales person. But rather it is about your ability to tell your story in a way so people have the same feelings and epiphany you had. 

When they have that same epiphany moment that you had, they will buy.

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Using your Origin Story

as your Epiphany Bridge

By answering the following questions with meaningful answers. You can build out your origin story and use it as an epiphany bridge.

  1. Backstory: What is it that got you started and is going to make a listener have a vested interest in  your journey?
  2. Desire: What did you want to accomplish?
    • What were your external struggles?
    • What were your internal struggles?
  3. Wall: What was a wall or problem that you hit within your current idea to start on this new journey?
  4. Epiphany: What was the epiphany moment you experienced and made you certain on the new journey?
  5. Plan: What did you plan to create in order to achieve your desire?
  6. Conflict: What conflict did you experience along the way?
  7. Achievement: What was the end result you achieved?
  8. Transformation: What transformation did you experience?

These should be answered in depth but also keep in mind not to ramble. The most important points should be able to be given in a paragraph, give or take. Here is an example of an epiphany bridge using a modified version of my origin story.

Epiphany Bridge Example

The Importance Of Hooks

For every story, there are going to be several hooks that will get people to listen and continue to listen to your story. Some hooks are going to be better at bringing people in and others better at keeping people continuing to read. You need multiple hooks for every story otherwise people will get bored hearing the same hook used over and over.

For each funnel step, you will have a product as part of your entire offer. Whether you’re giving it away for free to get an email or as your product you’re selling. No matter they all need a story and a hook.

So write down a story and at least 4-5 hooks for each step in your funnel. Write them down and use them within your story, as headlines, or as ideas to create content in the coming weeks. If you need a refresher as to the different steps in a funnel you can check that post out here. Here is a quick recap:

Sales Funnel

the importance of testing hooks

Here is a story that really helps solidify why you should have multiple hooks and keep testing them;

So then they take that, delete the 80% of jokes that didn’t land, then they go and write some new jokes and go to the next show. And they do the same 20% that the people died for last time, so they perfect how they do that message, and they try 80% new jokes. And from the 80% new jokes, they had two or three land really good this time. So they take now the 20% from before, the two or three new jokes and the next show they use those 40% they know are good and then test out new material. And they do it over and over and over again until eventually they’ve got all new jokes that just land, perfectly hit, and then they come and when they go on the Tonight show or whatever, whatever the big comedy show is, they’re up and they tell it, and they slay it because every joke they tell lands because they’ve tested it over and over and over again.” Russel Brunson

Test Products

The goal isn’t to get the perfect headline as what you think is going to be the best headline often isn’t. Test, test and test again to find what it is the market likes and use that.

put it all together

So start creating your stories and hooks for each of the funnel steps. Use what you discovered by offer hacking, which we talked about in the last post, as frameworks of how to set up your hooks, stories and offer. This will take some time, it may take several hours or several days. The epiphany bridge and hooks are extremely important so take your time.

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